Wednesday November 29, 2023

44th Annual AMDAANA Conference - 2024


Thursday, July 11, 2024 - Sunday, July 14, 2024


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CAMDAANA was formed at fourth annual meeting of AMDAANA at Kings Island Cincinnati, OH in July 1982. A group of dedicated parents led by late Nimmy Guleria were instrumental in forming and nurturing our children to become a vital and vibrant force in AMDAANA. CAMDAANA's main activities are - an entertainment show by ...

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Committee Members

Dr. Jaspreet Chahal

Dr. Jaspreet Chahal
Immediate Past President

Dr. Jasbir Rangi

Dr. Jasbir Rangi

Dr. Yuvraj Kamboj

Dr. Yuvraj Kamboj
President Elect

Dr. Vishal Sharma

Dr. Vishal Sharma

Dr. Nishant Gupta

Dr. Nishant Gupta
Secretary Elect

Register for the Centennial Events to be held from
17-19th November, 2023

We are excited to announce that Government Medical College, Amritsar will be celebrating its centenary from 17th-19th November 2023. This is a momentous occasion for our institution and we would like to invite you to join us in commemorating this milestone.

The three-day program will consist of a mix of academic and cultural events aimed especially at students and alumni. We have planned a series of lectures and panel discussions featuring distinguished speakers from the field of medicine. In addition, there will be cultural performances showcasing the rich heritage of Punjab.

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AMDAANA was founded on October 27, 1979 in Seven Springs, PA. It has two major objectives:

  1. To develop camaraderie and networking amongst alumni of Government Medical and Dental Colleges, Amritsar, Punjab India, residing in North America.
  2. To enrich education, and through education, patient care at our alma maters.

AMDAANA holds an annual meeting in North America in the third week of July to further objective number one.

AMDAANA has undertaken a project named Amritsar Project to enhance educational and life experiences at our alma maters.

All alumni of these colleges residing in North America are potential members. We have a mailing list of over 800 with over 250 life members.

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